Transmission Warranty

Warranty Information

FLATOUT DIESEL TRANSMISSIONS are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser/end user for a period of 24 months. FLATOUT DIESEL LLC's liability under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at its option, subject to the provisions set forth herein of any parts, which upon examination by FLATOUT DIESEL LLC, are found to be defective. FLATOUT DIESEL reserves the right to determine the course of action in regard to repair and/or replacement of any and all warrantable transmissions. During the first 90 days of warranty, FLATOUT DIESEL LLC  will arrange shipping and will reimburse R&R labor charges not to exceed $450. This reimbursement will be made only to an authorized automotive repair facility. After the first 90 days and up to 180 days, FLATOUT DIESEL LLC will arrange shipping 1-way only and will not reimburse any R&R labor charges. The customer will be responsible for all R&R charges and shipping costs 1-way. After 180 days, the customer is responsible for all shipping and R&R costs for any warranty work needed. FLATOUT DIESEL will cover all warranted transmission parts and labor. The warranty does not cover any fluids or filters. Any transmission submitted for warranty consideration must be returned to FLATOUT DIESEL LLC and accompanied with a description of the concern/complaint, list of DTC'S and service history records. This warranty shall not apply to any transmission that has been tampered with, improperly installed, damaged as a result of abuse, accident or neglect, improperly repaired or altered by the customer or his agent/tech, or abused resulting in broken, sheared, or fractured shafts and/or gears not as a result of manufacture defects. This warranty shall not apply to any products damaged due to low fluid conditions. FLATOUT DIESEL LLC  will not warranty broken, sheared, or fractured shafts and/or drums; or any damage associated with broken shafts or drums unless it is determined by FLATOUT DIESEL LLC  that the part failure was a result of a manufacture defect. Should FLATOUT DIESEL LLC determine that damage to customers transmission be a result of customer abuse/maintenance neglect, the customer will be responsible for payment of all parts, labor, R&R and shipping costs prior to receiving their transmission back. FLATOUT DIESEL LLC  will not be liable for towing charges, rental car, travel/lodging expenses or any other claims for special, indirect, or consequential damages that may arise under the provisions of this warranty.